Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

iLearn is the BBC Media Action learning platform devised for media professionals particularly those based in developing and transitional countries. Courses promote the principles of balanced, objective journalism, and provide advice, models and guidelines for best practice as well as developing professional skills.
Each module takes the learner through a number of progressive steps, which may include interactive exercises, asking the student to think about an issue or to come up with an idea, before moving forward to the next step. Students may be asked to complete an assignment based on what they have just learned. This assignment is submitted online to their mentor who offers feedback and guidance to the student and grades the assignment.
Some courses offer a certificate of completion at the end of the training, although BBC Media Action is not an accredited academic institution.

iLearn online training covers a range of media related subjects including interviewing skills for journalists, reporting elections, journalism ethics and journalism practice. iLearn also offers production training in radio, television and online.

Many of our modules are mentored by highly experienced and skilled journalists and media practitioners who provide advice to students. iLearn offers students the opportunity to discuss course work through the chat room.

Our open access area provides free training however many of our courses are funded by BBC Media Action projects so are only available to people enrolled onto the course. These courses are password protected.

Password protected courses can be standalone online modules or part of a wider blended learning programme which includes face to face and online training.
To reset your password, click here or click on the Forgotten your username or password? link on the login screen. This will then prompt you for details to enable you to reset your password.
To contact the iLearn team, click on the Contact tab at the top of this screen.
Last modified: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 4:27 PM