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Developing skilled global journalists and programme makers

ilearn currently provides web-based training to over 2,000 journalists and media practioners around the world.

Journalism and media training is in huge demand, particularly in developing countries, where access to vocational training is restricted because it is unaffordable or incompatible with people’s livelihoods or is counter to social expectations. For many organisations sending a trainer to developing countries can be costly and inflexible and in some areas, dangerous. Online learning can be done in private, it is flexible and students don’t have to travel or take time off work.

BBC Media Action aims to offer more people the opportunity to access high quality training through e-learning and blended learning programmes. In addition we produce and host resources such as video, podcasts and other learning materials which can be made secure through password protection or freely available in the ilearn Open Access area.

Meeting ilearn’s ambition to extend world class training opportunities depends on partnerships at the global level. We work with institutional partners as well as non-governmental organisations and service providers. For example, those providing health-related services, or non-governmental organisations delivering humanitarian aid or focusing on democratisation. It is through this kind of mutual support that solutions to some of the toughest development issues faced today can be found.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 2 February 2016, 11:36 PM