Topic outline


    Welcome to Reporting On Climate Change mobile training. We are delighted to have you join us.
    This course is designed for mobile users.

    Language options: English and Swahili versions are available.

    The course will help learners understand the science behind the causes of climate change,
    how international organisations and communities are responding to it, and how to cover climate change effectively.

    Communicating climate change is very important as they increase in extreme weather events
    are having severe impacts on the poorest communities in the region. Producing stories about climate change can help
    improve audiences' understanding and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to help them adapt.

    This course has five modules.

    Module 1- What is climate change
    - Understanding climate change
    - Causes of climate change

    Module 2- Responses to climate change
    - Climate change - mitigation
    - Climate change - adaptation
    - Organisations and agreements on climate

    Module 3- Producing climate change stories for multiplatform
    - Practising 'news values'
    -Finding intervieweess
    -Innovative story formats for audio
    - Innovative social media formats
    - Verifying content on social media

    Module 4- A solution journalism approach
    - Introduction to solution journalism
    - Solution journalism examples

    Module 5- Audience-responsive journalism
    - Audience engagement

    How to access

    This course is designed for mobile users.
    Click this link to access -

    1- You will be asked to enter your phone number.
    2- We will send you a unique code by SMS. Please enter this code on your screen.
    3- Complete the registration form.
    4- You can access your modules.
    5- You can find useful resources and links under the resources section.