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Topic outline

    Learners on this course may have a mentor, or they may be using it by themselves. This course is divided into six modules. There are suggested practical activities throughout this course.

    If you are a mentor, you don’t need to use all of them, but they are there to give you ideas for exercises that your trainees can do each week. They can then submit them for feedback from yourself, and from each other. Create a Google Drive or DropBox folder for trainees to save their work. This will allow for mentor and peer-to-peer feedback.

    If your trainees are already familiar with using smartphones at work, they may not need to do the module on Mobile Multimedia Fundamentals. However, they may still find it useful as a refresher, or to help them create tip-sheets for colleagues and new members of staff.

    If you are working on this course by yourself, you can still do all of the activities. If so, feedback will still be useful (perhaps from a peer). You could also get a group of colleagues together to support each other, and give feedback.

    If you are doing this course on your own, you may want to review the Fundamentals module and make your own decision about how much of it you need to focus on.

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